Nigel Dennis

Sea Kayaking UK (NDK) Romany. In Review.

I've been paddling or test paddled kayaks designed with or by Aled Williams for some time from the Romany to Rockpool to Tiderace. They all share a heritage that is obvious from the moment you paddle them. There are kayaks out there from many different designers and brands that are impressive and may do this thing or that thing better than Aled's boats, but I've never found one that is truly a better all around kayak.

There and Back

I was just reading David Johnston's post all about Lendal's return to the UK under the helm of Nigel & the gang at Sea Kayaking UK.. I won't bother to quote it, you can read the post here. In the process of reading David's fine update, I clicked over to the Lendal Website. I hadn't been there in some time. Funny thing, I never noticed their tag line before; "LENDAL. THE BEST PADDLES. THERE AND BACK. "