10 Sea Kayaks You Should Paddle Before You Buy

Sea kayaks are expensive. To be honest, reading alone won't tell you what you need to know before you drop $3,000 or more on a top-of-the-line kayak. You have to paddle them to know how they feel to you. What's more, how you feel in a particular kayak may be nothing like what someone else feels in that same boat. That means, no one can really tell you what the right kayak is for you. From there you can infer that what I'm about to tell you.. is worthless..

Valley Nordkapp

Saturday after coaching an introduction to sea kayaking class at Rutabaga in Madison, WI., I had the opportunity to test paddle a beautiful "almost new" fiberglass Valley Nordkapp. Apparently the story behind this sharp black and red kayak is that the owner only had it for a short time before deciding was a bit too much horse. I can see that...