point beach

Visualize Man!

I've got a phone conference with a client coming up in about an hour and all sorts of other businessy bits to deal with today... so all you get for stopping by today (at least for now) is this photograph of my Rockpool Alaw Bach waiting to take me on an early morning paddle up the Lake Michigan coastline toward the Point Beach lighthouse. Sometimes a photograph is almost like being there... sometimes a photograph just clarifies where you really are.

D Am Em G

Alright. It's 5am and we're about 7 hours away from launch. The plan is to be pulling out of the driveway at noon today for the 3 hour trip up to Point Beach State Park near Two Rivers, Wisconsin. All that big stuff that you always remember to pack, is packed. Today we have to remember all the things you always forget. You know.. the stuff you find out later you really, really needed and should have never forgotten in the first place.