Random Thoughts

What Kind of Kayaker Are You?

I think you get a strange, skewed view of kayakers and kayaking if you've done it for years. Of course, social media doesn't help either. If you believe Facebook, every kayaker in the world is either making a video, writing a book, jet-setting across Europe or working for a kayak company. Oh, and of course there are those who simply enjoy paddleboarding in a bikini sans life jacket...

Repetition Cycles

We're always looking for something new. New events, new toys, new gear, new apps, whatever. Even a new us occasionally. Probably ever since the phrase "24 hour news cycle" was invented, we've been on a continual race to a state of constant boredom. I mean let's face it, for most of us not much new really happens. Instead were distracted by repetition cycles, where the same stuff, the same actions and the stories are repackaged in slightly different ways just far enough apart that they seem like, something new.

Caught Up

October rains remind me that all things are temporary. I tend to walk the trails a lot in October and November. I know I'm running out of time. Sure, I can get out the snow-shoes.. but winter is well, limbo. Winter is the time of year I spend trying to remember what a warm, wet, wind feels like. When late in the evening I sometimes strain to make my mind recall the sound of a thunderstorm or the earthy, tea aroma of a wet, autumn day.