It's great when I have a bunch of stuff to write about. It certainly feels better than those days when I sit down here at the keyboard and realize that the only thing standing out in my mind is the ticking of the wall clock. On the other hand, if you've got lots of bits to write about you tend to either overlook the important stuff while getting lost in the manushia or find yourself distracted by the cool stuff at the expense of the boring but useful. . oh, and speaking of boring . . .


The weekend came and went as weekends often do, beginning at the end of a week and ending at the beginning of another. This weekend I set about doing the final repair on that bulkhead. One had to wonder what caused me to have such a collection of items stacked on a bit of cardboard. There was a plastic knife, a caulking gun, a rubber glove and a mirror, a pencil and a jack knife and a cup of coffee just to keep the nerves up.