App To Run

iMapMyRUN is one of a plethora of fitness apps out there for your smart phone. It's available for Android, Blackberry or iPhone. I have the iPhone version. At its most basic, the iMapMyRUN app tracks your runs. It records distance, duration, pace, speed, elevation and calories burned. Of course, all this data is combined with google maps of your routes. Now for me, that's more than enough, but if you want more, there's much more..

Tempestuous – The Tempest 165

I've always been conflicted when it comes to companies like Wilderness Systems. I don't think of them as "sea kayak" companies. They seem to put more weight into their recreational and fishing boats and come to sea kayaking as an afterthought. It's hard to imagine the company that makes the infamous Pungo could produce a decent sea kayak. Still there have been a lot of good things said about the Tempest since it came out. Given that, and that I had Cindy Scherrer (partner of co-designer Steve Scherrer) paddling right beside me while I was out test paddling boats in Grand Marais, it seems like as good a time as any to take one for a spin. :)

Sea Kayaking UK (NDK) Romany. In Review.

I've been paddling or test paddled kayaks designed with or by Aled Williams for some time from the Romany to Rockpool to Tiderace. They all share a heritage that is obvious from the moment you paddle them. There are kayaks out there from many different designers and brands that are impressive and may do this thing or that thing better than Aled's boats, but I've never found one that is truly a better all around kayak.

Gordon Lives!!

With Gordon you will learn how to kayak, not how to talk about learning to kayak. There is nothing that personally drives me more crazy than a coach who talks strokes into millimeters and sets inflexible body and hand positions as laws. This is where Gordon’s years of experience come in. He simply does things. Whatever it is he’s demonstrating is so smooth, so hardwired that you imagine he could be reading Jane Austen with one eye, checking his Iphone with the other and it would have no effect on his demonstration.