Sea Kayaking UK (NDK) Romany. In Review.

I've been paddling or test paddled kayaks designed with or by Aled Williams for some time from the Romany to Rockpool to Tiderace. They all share a heritage that is obvious from the moment you paddle them. There are kayaks out there from many different designers and brands that are impressive and may do this thing or that thing better than Aled's boats, but I've never found one that is truly a better all around kayak.

Madness is Assured…

So yesterday I spent half my day talking to an insurance agent. I know that sounds like a complaint and to be sure, there’s plenty of things I’d rather be doing. A root canal comes to mind… On the other hand, I’m happy to know that if my Alaw Bach flies off my Jeep, sinks in Lake Michigan, or goes up in flames.. it’s covered. It’s even covered against theft. My fear of course is that it would be stolen one piece at a time…

Visualize Man!

I've got a phone conference with a client coming up in about an hour and all sorts of other businessy bits to deal with today... so all you get for stopping by today (at least for now) is this photograph of my Rockpool Alaw Bach waiting to take me on an early morning paddle up the Lake Michigan coastline toward the Point Beach lighthouse. Sometimes a photograph is almost like being there... sometimes a photograph just clarifies where you really are.