The Emperor is Lost

I think J.C. Chandler, and Robert Redford for that matter, know a lot about sailing. So much so, that they blatantly showed anyone who knew what was going on, that their man, was, well, inept and ill prepared. Yeah, "Our Man" slogged through and faced the challenge, but really, it was only fate that kept him alive. He was simply a weekend warrior who for whatever reason got himself into a situation he had no business being in. And that IS a great story!

Bone Head Paddling

You could probably guess I was running a bit scattershot the last few days. It sure showed up this morning I can tell you. I ran the morning obstacle course out the door with the intent to be on the lake for day 8 of my 100 mile paddle. Getting to the lake was the easy part. Yeah, I was wearing my sexy base layers.. but what I didn't do was bring my outer layers. Oops! Well, I was there wasn't I? So with the sun shining through some broken clouds to the east I figured I could get away it.

Imagine You’re Alone…

Learn to know what you don't know. Then know it. In some ways our lives are way too simple. We get up, we eat, we drive the same route to work each day, we do a job we've done for a thousand years, then drive the same route home, eat and then veg in front of a television. Days pass. Weeks turn into months and months into years. There's nothing wrong with that exactly, but we often feel way too secure in what we think we know. Then suddenly, shockingly things can go very wrong.