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Songs of Experience

Yesterday I wrote about 10 sea kayaks that everyone should at least test paddle before they invest in a brand new sea kayak. One reader commented that I should have included at least one of the great traditional or Greenland kayak in the group. I got his point. Today I'll talk about that a bit and explain why no Greenland style kayaks made the list and tell you which ones would have if they, well, would have..

There and Back

I was just reading David Johnston's post all about Lendal's return to the UK under the helm of Nigel & the gang at Sea Kayaking UK.. I won't bother to quote it, you can read the post here. In the process of reading David's fine update, I clicked over to the Lendal Website. I hadn't been there in some time. Funny thing, I never noticed their tag line before; "LENDAL. THE BEST PADDLES. THERE AND BACK. "