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Paddling with Repubs & Libs..

I chose to de-friend someone on Facebook today. Most of us feel a little crappy when we feel we have to do that and that's why our friends list becomes unwieldy and filled with folks we've never met! Still, it really sucks when you're reading posts from family and friends and suddenly some dude starts harshing your buzz with their political self-aggrandizing hatred and contempt. This is part of what we'll be talking about at the Great Lakes Sea Kayaking Symposium when a few of us paddle bloggers take on the subject of Paddling & Social Media. Today I'm going to get a head start....


My kayak pushed forward into the dark, ruffled water. It took a while for the gurgling sound of the bow wake at the tip of my old Romany to reach my ears. Even though the world around me seemed nearly silent, it took some time before I became aware of the sounds of the geese landing in the distance or pushing across the lake's surface to reach take off speed. It took even longer to notice that the wind through the young poplars along the shore sounded more like the crinkling of plastic...

Paddling A Thin Line

It was somewhere in that train of thought, when pondering this advertisement, where the other little sleigh bell rang in my crazy mind. I wondered that if "...Back on shore, It's a return to nonstop texting and emailing", was a foregone conclusion, then is it also a foregone conclusion that someday well all become so distracted, so technologically occupied that we just forget to pull out the old canoe in the first place. Of course, I'll blog more about this sometime in the future... and I'll be sure to link it on Facebook and Twitter as well...

Therein lies the rub!

If you've been following along you'll know that paddlers Justine Curgenven & Barry Shaw have had to take a few days of RR from their attempt to circumnavigate Tierra del Fuego on the southern tip of South America. The reason? Barry has been suffering some painful tendinitis due to overly tight drysuit seals around his wrists. Now what I was wondering was, that with all the emphasis on social media these days, wouldn't you think various reps or manufacturers would have jumped in and offered some thoughts and ideas on their blog or Facebook as well?