Stumbling into Heaven

This is what the outdoor life means to me. It's not sport, competition or gear. It's not a label or hip lifestyle. It's not a phrase on a t-shirt. It's immersion. It's a connection, mud and curiosity. It's sensuality at its highest level. To strike out into nature with friends and loved ones is to stumble for just a few moments into heaven.

First Day 2013

Well, it's Wednesday. The holidays are over and it's time to get back to work. Great! I need a rest! We closed out the holidays by spending the last day of the year snowshoeing then we got up on New Year's day to paddle at the annual Fog Bowl. We got about an hour to rest. Then it was off to Devil's Lake State Park for the evening's First Day Twilight Snowshoe.


Spent the evening recently out paddlingon a local wetland. It was, well, perfect. Sometimes everything just comes together. Perfect weather, perfect sunset, perfect clouds, perfect wildlife, perfect everything. You don't get those moments very often. I guess it's a good thing you don't because it keeps you striving for more. It's the striving that's important of course. That's true in anything in life. You just won't get a lot of "perfect" moments if you aren't working hard in the background to achieve them.
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