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Give a kid a camera. . .  Just click on the link next to the thumbnail image to open video in a new window.

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C to C Roll - Flash 8  file
Derrick - Your basic old C to C . .
Sweep Roll - Flash 8  file
Derrick - Basic Sweep Roll. . .
Splits Roll - Flash file
Derrick - Lose your paddle? Got spares on your deck right? Roll with a split!
Pawlata Roll - Flash 8  file
Derrick - standard Greenland roll . .
Reentry Roll - Under Water  - Flash 8 file
Derrick - Basic reentry roll. GP & Ocean cockpit
Reentry Roll II - Flash 8 file
Derrick - Next Step, Re-enter, put on skirt, stick roll up
Mary's Roll - Under Water  - Flash 8 file
Mary M - Mary makes her first appearance on the video page with one of her first rolls in her Greenlander.
Shotgun Roll - Flash file
Derrick - fairly simple sweep roll
Vertical Scull - Under Water  - Flash 8  file
Derrick - Ok, so this wouldn't pass in competition, but it's interesting non-the less.  Keep your eye on the paddle.
Spine Roll - Flash file
Alex Pak
Behind-The-Head Roll - Flash file
Derrick - Ok, so this one takes a little work. :)
GP Back Deck Roll (under water) - Flash file
Roy Martin
Slow Angel Roll (under water) - Flash file
Roy Martin
Angel Roll (aka butterfly, Crucifix) - Flash file
Derrick -updated video clip
Angel Roll 2  - Flash file
Derrick - up close & underwater.  In this clip I'm using my storm paddle. I flip the boat, then pause, before rolling back up for a better view of the process.
Norsaq Angel Roll - Flash file
derrick - just making it a bit tougher
Norsaq Roll - Under Water - Flash 8  file
Derrick - underwater view of Norsaq (rolling stick) roll. The boat is my Acuta
Hand Roll Demo  - Flash 8  file
Mark Schoon - of Carpe Diem Kayaking demonstrates hand rolls at Canoecopa '06
Hand Roll - Under Water - Flash 8  file
Derrick - underwater view of hand roll.
Hand Roll - Sea Kayak - Flash 8  file
Derrick - front view in sea kayak
Hand Roll - Top View - Flash 8  file
Derrick - shot from above
NEW! Hand Roll Learning Method
 - Flash 8  file
Jeff Hoben learning a hand roll. Cockpit full of water, scoot forward, swim kayak around.
Reverse Sweep Roll  - Flash file
Roy Martin  demos a reverse sweep
Reverse Sweep Roll 2  - Flash file
Derrick demos a reverse sweep with slightly different setup

Fun or Trick Rolls


Swan Roll  - Flash 8  file
Leon Somme performs the "Swan Roll" at Inland Sea Symposium 2006
Mini-Crux Roll - Flash file
Derrick - first step toward the "crucifixion" & "Scarecrow" rolls.
Bowling Ball Roll  - Flash 8  file
Doug Van Doren - During a rolling demo in Michigan Doug get's out his handy bowling ball.
The Stupid Roll  - Flash 8  file
Doug Van Doren - inflatable hand roll?
Skateboard Roll - Flash 8  file
Derrick - Hey, a skate board is just a big flipper!
Beer Roll  - Flash 8  file
Alex Pak - hot doggin,
Bowling Ball II - Flash 8  file
John Doornick - Amazing variation of the brick roll with Bowling ball in Sweeping hand. Wow!!
Hitchhiker Roll - Flash 8  file
Roy Martin - taking his son for a ride
Rotisserie Roll  - Flash file
Roy Martin - Watch this slow-motion roll. Great boat control.
Rotisserie Roll (under water) - Flash file
Roy Martin
Yard Sale Roll - Flash 8  file
Derrick - the problem is you have no place to stow your paddles on a whitewater boat. . .
NEW! Shaft Roll - Flash file
Star Wars Roll - Flash 8  file
Derrick - Rolling with Light Saber. Use the force, Luke!

Other Skills
Euro Chest Scull  - Flash 8  file
Leon Somme at Inland Sea Symposium 2006
Balance Routine - Flash 8  file
derrick - Cowboy recovery, turn, stand up, sit down, turn, get back in. . fun, fun!
Kayak Krunch  - Flash 8  file
Bonita Martin - roll to static brace exercise.

Strange Kayak Moments
Sectional Roll  - Flash 8  file
The cockpit section of a 3 peice kayak is a rolling machine. . that is IF you can keep it upright!!
Trak Roll  - Flash 8  file
derrick -
Rolling a Trak Folding Kayak. Notice it's cranked up to it's full rocker. Fun, Fun!
Traditional Playboating  - Flash 8  file
historic footage ties playboating to Greenland or maybe just Alex P.
Rock-n-Roll - Flash 8  file
Working up to the bowling ball? Start small! Even a little rock helps keep your hand in. Try a rock as a counterweight, cheating but fun.  Don't expect to always succeed!
Lumberjack Roll  - Flash 8  file
Keith Wikle - Some not-so-serious rolling. . . Go, Keith, Go!
First Descent Chilton  - Flash 8  file
derrick - comic relief
Kayak Sledding - Flash 8  file
When there's no open water. . . . Mary should have used the kayak, those saucers are scary.
A Day On The River  - Flash 8  file
First paddle of spring. Just screwing of on the local river at flood stage. A few Lessons Learned!

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