A water trail on the Wisconsin shoreline of Lake Michigan and its tributaries is being developed.  Once completed the trail will enable sea kayakers and canoeists to travel along the shores of Lake Michigan and have campsites along the way to overnight at.  The Wisconsin trail will link-up with trails in Illinois and Michigan. 

I am coordinating the development in Wisconsin.  I have been “scouting” the Lake Michigan shore by kayak, by car, and by “virtual” paddling using mapping software on my computer.

My kayak near Two Rivers, Wisconsin.I am seeking input from other sea kayakers to provide information about their access points and camping sites, as well as other lodging options, on Wisconsin’s Lake Michigan shoreline and its tributaries.  Wherever possible it is desired to establish campsites at existing public lands (state and county parks and forests).  Where the distance between sites is greater than one days paddle, attempts will be made to establish sites on private land through an agreement with the landowner.  It is also desirable to identify eating establishments and lodging of the hotel/motel/bed-and-breakfast type that would be accessible to users of the water trail.  If you have a possible water trail site, please complete the "site survey form", and by using the "submit" button the form will be emailed directly to me.

Most recently, I have been working with the Wisconsin DNR to include water accessible campsites in the master plan for Harrington Beach State Park.  A site has been approved by the Natural Resources Board, and site selection is underway.  This site will be ready to use by June 2005!

Anyone having information relevant to this development, or desiring to work on the project, is encouraged to contact me via e-mail at seakayakerjb@aol.com.

For a listing of potential points, and information concerning, click here water trail points.  This is  "work-in-progress".  For a map of the north half of the trail (Manitowoc County north) click here water trail north segment.  For a map of the south half of the trail (Sheboygan County south) click here water trail south segment.  The plan is to eventually provide "hotspots" on the maps, each having a  hyperlink that will provide detailed information about that area.  For example, by clicking on Port Washington, you would be forwarded to a page providing details about where to launch and land (at the marina), lodging (there's a Holiday Inn on the harbor and a bed & breakfast nearby, the numerous eating establishments, as well as other relevant information for the water trail user.  I could really use your input to make this a valuable resource.

If you have suggestions, please e-mail them to me at seakayakerjb@aol.com or use the "site survey form".  The more detailed your input, the better.  Thanks!

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